PT. Kanjeng Mas Global

Paper Machine


We supply of whole paper machine completely for produce many kind of paper product, with the newest advance technology, newest advance automation & control from the best quality of China manufactures.

  • Trim width 2200 - 6000mm
  • Speed up to 1000 m/min
  • Capacity up to 1000 ton/day
  • Paper Product many kind of craft paper, printing & writing paper, and Specialty/security paper


We also provide a Consultant Assistance to establish new paper mills, and modification from existing.

  • Make a Feasibility Study of Paper Mills investment
  • Provide all the design that required for paper mills machinery installation, like design of Lay out plant, Stock Preparation process, De-inking plant, fresh & white water management system, broke handling system, fFiber recovery system, white water recovery system, Steam & Condensate system, vacuum system, and othe design for paper machine modofication.
  • Design of Waste Water Treatment plant
  • Design of "ZERO SLUDGE SYSTEM", no resulting sludge
  • Installation of whole paper machinery


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